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FLIR Boson – the search is over

Boson longwave infrared (LWIR) thermal camera cores set a new standard for size, weight, power, and performance. Imagine your next big idea, and bring it to life with Boson.

FLIR’s XIR™ expandable infrared video processing architecture gives Boson advanced image processing, video analytics, peripheral sensor drivers, and several industry-standard communication interfaces that make it easy to integrate while keeping power consumption low.

Its remarkable imaging performance begins with Boson’s 12µm pitch vanadium oxide (VOx) uncooled detector, which comes in two resolutions: 640x512 or 320x256. Boson is available with lots of different lenses, so you’re sure to find a configuration that’s just right for your next project.

Why Boson?

  • Thermal Camera Core with Revolutionary Size, Weight & Power (SWaP)
    Its remarkably low SWaP (starting at just 7.5 grams and 4.9 cm3) and extreme flexibility lets you trade features for power consumption
  • Powerful FLIR XIR Video Processing – An Industry-Leading System-on-a-Chip
    FLIR’s expandable infrared video processing with embedded industry-standard interfaces empowers advanced processing and analytics
  • Premium Brand at Value Price
    Boson new design lets FLIR bring you high resolution cameras at low resolution prices

Imagine what you can do with Boson

Boson takes your next generation of thermal imaging products off the white board and makes them a reality. Its combination of ground-breaking SWaP, state-of-the-art imaging, and wide range of built-in image processing and interface capabilities make Boson the obvious choice.

Whether you’re designing cameras for drones, security, firefighting, thermal sights, or handheld imagers, Boson is small, light, and powerful enough to enable your most innovative designs. Boson’s competitive price and flexible integration options dramatically shorten design cycles, opening up entirely new possibilities for any thermal sensor-based product you can imagine.


  • Handheld thermal-imaging systems for first responders, military/paramilitary, and thermography
  • Security & surveillance systems
  • UAV & robotic vision
  • Navigation
  • Obstacle Avoidance
  • Automotive driver’s vision enhancement

FLIR Boson Optics

Fields of View for any Application

Boson is available with multiple lens options, offering eight fields of view:

320 x 256 f/# Max Diameter (mm) Camera Length (mm) Camera Weight (g)
92° (HFOV)
2.3 mm (EFL)
1.0 20.0 33 30
50° (HFOV)
4.3 mm (EFL)
1.0 20.0 27 18
34° (HFOV)
6.3 mm (EFL)
1.0 20.0 27 15
24° (HFOV)
9.1 mm (EFL)
1.0 20.0 27 15
16° (HFOV)
13.8 mm (EFL)
1.0 26.0 28 38
12° (HFOV)
18 mm (EFL)
1.0 27.6 38 39
6° (HFOV)
36 mm (EFL)
1.0 51.0 64 127
4° (HFOV)
55 mm (EFL)
1.0 68.4 75 189
640 x 512 f/# Max Diameter (mm) Camera Length (mm) Camera Weight (g)
95° (HFOV)
4.9 mm (EFL)
1.1 32.0 50 59
50° (HFOV)
8.7 mm (EFL)
1.0 26.0 46 71
32° (HFOV)
14 mm (EFL)
1.0 26.0 35 27
24° (HFOV)
18 mm (EFL)
1.0 27.6 38 41
18° (HFOV)
24 mm (EFL)
1.0 37.0 45 53
12° (HFOV)
36 mm (EFL)
1.0 51.0 64 133
8° (HFOV)
55 mm (EFL)
1.0 68.4 75 192
6° (HFOV)
73 mm (EFL)
1.1 82.0 100 396


FLIR Boson Accessories

Accessories to get you started immediately

Connecting to a thermal camera has never been easier. With the different Boson accessories, you can quickly hook up it to your PC and operate as a full webcam, or you can use Boson’s development board to get complete access to Boson’s 80-pin connector and access the camera’s full power.


USB/Analog VPC Kit Single USB interface to Boson camera turns Boson into a webcam. Custom cable provides analog video
Boson Development Board Full access to Boson 80-pin interface; includes USB, 100/GigE Ethernet*, CameraLink, Serial Com, Micro SDCard*, I2C*, SPI*, SDIO* and VSYNC/RESET, GPIO*
USB/CameraLink board CameraLink and USB interface to Boson video
Lens focus tool Custom tool to change lens focus
Tripod mount

Custom tripod mount with 1/4-20 interface


Sensor technology Uncooled VOx microbolometer
Scence Dynamic Range (Gain Mode in parentheses) to +140 °C (high) to +500 °C (low)
Array format 640 x 512 or 320 × 256
Pixel pitch 12 µm
Spectral range Longwave infrared; 7.5 µm – 13.5 µm
Thermal Sensitivity <40 mK (Industrial); <50 mK (Professional); <60 mK (Consumer)
Full Frame Rates 60Hz baseline; 30 Hz runtime selectable
Slow frame rate ≤9 Hz available
Non-uniformity Correction (NUC) Factory calibrated; updated FFCs with FLIR’s Silent Shutterless NUC (SSN)
Solar protection Integral
Continuous Electronic Zoom 1X to 8X zoom
Image Orientation Adjustable (vertical flip and/or horizontal flip) (See note 1)
Symbol overlay Re-writable each frame; alpha blending for translucent overlay
Snapshots Full-frame snapshot, SDIO interface to support removable media (See note 1)
Lens options 8 lens options for 640 resolution
8 lens options for 320 resolution
See Optics tab for details
Input voltage 3.3 VDC
Power dissipation Varies by configuration; as low as 500 mW
Video channels CMOS or USB2
Control channels UART or USB
Peripheral channels I2C, SPI, SDIO (See note 1)
Size 21 × 21 × 11 mm without lens
Weight 7.5 g without lens (configuration dependent)
Precision mounting holes Four tapped M16x0.35 (rear cover). Lens support recommended when lens mass exceeds core mass.
Operating temperature range -40°C to 80°C 
Non-operating temperature range -50°C to 105°C
Shock 1,500 g @ 0.4 msec
Operational altitude

12 km (max altitude of a commercial airliner or airborne platform)